Lean Management

Lean Management

A seminar on “Lean Management” to enhance Omani Business Profitability is happening now at Crowne Plaza Qurum organized by Towell Knowledge Institute.

Ministries, Companies and Organization attended:
Ministry of Education, Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Ministry of Manpower, Supreme Council for Planning, Towell Auto Company, Panorama Windows, Haya Water, Towell Al Argan, Towell CPD, Muscat Professional Training Institute, Salman Corporation, Sultan Qaboos University, SME Fund, Oman Cables and Muscat Pharmacy.

Eminent speakers are:
Mr. Tawfeeq Mustafa Al Lawati – TKI Director
Mr. N C Narayanan – Founder and Chairman, SSA Group
Mr. Naveen Narayanan – Managing Director, SSA International LLC

About the Event:
In midst of a recovering economy, organizations are facing heat and working to raise up back to its feet.  The corroboration of SSA along with TKI solely to address the raising concern of organizational growth.
With a key highlight on the management philosophies such as Lean and Six Sigma, SSA has proven its capacity to subvert the pinpoints & inaugurate a wave of new thinking for profitability improvement, through development of skill sets for individual at every level of the organization.
In order to present to you the distinguished capacity of the aforesaid tools, a seminar is organized by SSA and TKI, which will focus on key pain areas, approach for solution and sustenance necessary to withstand the imminent economic challenges.