First Aid training (Careplus MedicFirst) is ongoing today

First Aid training (Careplus MedicFirst) is ongoing today

First Aid training (Careplus MedicFirst) is ongoing today 23rd July 2018, at our training centre in Al Rumais for 12 of Carrefour staff at Muscat Grand Mall as part of their HSE initiatives.

This will be the 4th Carrefour staffs to be trained with TKI, we have also trained Carrefour Barka, Carrefour Nizwa and Carrefour Salalah.

Towell Knowledge Institute TKI is MedicFirst approved training centre.


MEDIC First Aid CarePlus is an adult, child and infant CPR & AED program designed specifically for persons who are occupationally required or just desire to have CPR and AED knowledge and skills.

Program Contents:
– Sudden Cardiac Arrest
– CPR & AED provider
– Recognizing an Emergency & Deciding to Help
– Basic life Support Care
– Primary Assessment – Unresponsive Person
– Basic AED Operations
– Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
– Choking
– Emotional Consideration
– Control of Bleeding
– Managing Shock

Who Should Attend?
– Emergency response teams in business & industry
– Adult residential care personnel
– Teachers
– Parents
– Babysitters

Demonstrations and Practices
– Removing Contaminated Gloves
– Chest Compressions
– Rescue Breaths  – CPR Mask
– Rescue Breaths – CPR shield
– Primary Assessment- Unresponsive Person
– Unresponsive and Breathing-
– Recovery Position
– Unresponsive and Not Breathing – CPR
– Using an AED
– Choking
– Control of Bleeding

Upon successful completion of the program, trainees will be awarded CarePlus Successful Completion (Certificate) by Medic First Aid.